What Our Clients Say

“Margenau Associates did a great job installing pink noise on 2 floors of our office building. What a huge difference it made in the cubical area as well as the private offices.”

Sound Masking Options

What is the best way to install a white or pink noise sound masking system?

Today’s technology allows for many variations in the configuration of a sound masking system. Margenau Associates can design an addressable system or centralized system, delivered in the plenum, or directly in the ceiling.

Paging or music can be easily added to a sound masking system.

Margenau Associates, Inc. can evaluate with you to design/build the most cost effective system with the highest performance characteristics.

Below Access Floors

With access floors increasing in popularity, the option of installing a high performance sound masking system below the floor is becoming common place. This speaker is specifically suited for use in access floors as shallow as 1 3/4 inches.

Above Suspended Ceilings

Sound masking speakers have traditionally been installed above suspended ceilings, aimed upward to increase the spatial uniformity of the sound. The laws of physics have not changed. Plenum mounted systems remain the best option for most installations.

Open Structure Offices (having no Suspended Ceiling)

Open structure facilities are those office environments having no suspended acoustical ceiling. Given a tall enough structural height, these environments can perform well acoustically if the proper sound masking system is used.

With a prestigious list of Fortune 100 & 500 clients and over 30 Million square feet of projects completed successfully, MAI can provide real world, practical solutions to complicated acoustical problems.

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Speech Privacy

The American Society of Testing Materials (ASTM) has approved the use of the Speech Privacy Index (PI) to calculate and measure the acoustical quality of a space.


The oral communications section of this law requires that “reasonable safeguards” be in place to ensure that sensitive health information remains private.

Build Green

The United States Green Building Council (USGBC) defines green buildings as one that have significantly reduced negative impacts on the environment.

Audio Security

Audio Security Counter Measure systems are utilized by the most secure facilities in the Nation (SCIF) and private industries to eliminate the possibility of eavesdropping.

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