What Our Clients Say

“Most of these expansion/renovation areas to be built around or next to existing employee areas. All of your crews were respectful, polite and concerned about keeping noise,dust and confusion to a minimum.”

Sound Masking with White & Pink Noise

Today’s office environments offer unique challenges when it comes to speech privacy and acoustical performance. Regardless of whether the design includes private offices, open plan or a combination of both, the most consistent post construction complaint is a lack of acoustical privacy and too many distracting conversations.

Margenau Associates, Inc. (MAI) can provide the design experience and technology that assures your office will provide the highest level of speech privacy, reduce unwanted office noise and enhance Indoor Environmental Quality (IEQ) associated with acoustical performance while reducing the cost of expensive alternative construction material and practices.

The latest technology in variety of environments

Combining the latest technology from the leading manufacturers in the industry with proven design practices, Margenau Associates, Inc. can provide the right solution for all built environments including:

  • Private Office
  • Open Plan
  • Telepresence Rooms
  • Conferencing Areas
  • Call Centers
  • Hoteling Areas

Some of the benefits of speech privacy in office environments are:

  • Improved Productivity (typically 10 to 30%)
  • Decreased Rate of Error (up to 12%)
  • Private Conversation (HIPAA, Federal Modernization Act)
  • Reduced Construction Material and Cost (often pays for the upgrade)
  • Less Stressful Environment (more satisfied, productive workforce)
Studies have shown that sound masking with white noise or pink noise is one of the most cost and acoustically effective measures that can be implemented to improve the productivity in an office environment. Based on a Return on Investment (ROI) analysis, typical retrofit projects provide a 200% and above ROI, providing a 4-6 months payback.

Allow yourself the peace of mind that you are creating the most productive, stress free environment for your office workspace. Build with sustainability and long term satisfaction in mind.

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Speech Privacy

The American Society of Testing Materials (ASTM) has approved the use of the Speech Privacy Index (PI) to calculate and measure the acoustical quality of a space.


The oral communications section of this law requires that “reasonable safeguards” be in place to ensure that sensitive health information remains private.

Build Green

The United States Green Building Council (USGBC) defines green buildings as one that have significantly reduced negative impacts on the environment.

Audio Security

Audio Security Counter Measure systems are utilized by the most secure facilities in the Nation (SCIF) and private industries to eliminate the possibility of eavesdropping.

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